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Casino Games on Steam

Casino and card games on Steam

One of our favorite game styles at is that of casinos and card games. In this field, Steam, the essential platform of the PC, is not left out, compared to consoles (“Caesar Palace” first game bought on the console in 1993), internet sites (with the best French online casino) and even now with the VR by online casinos and virtual reality. Steam offers a nice amount of games in this genre, whether they are paid or free.

The Best One – Steam Tower Slot Machine

The Victorian era in the UK is synonymous with innovation and the industrial revolution, let’s discover the world as it was during this period in the 19th century in Netent’s Steam Tower slot machine. We will discover a realistic atmosphere of this period with the costumes of the time and the new industrial machines. The Steam Tower casino game is a kind of giant machine that will take the form of a tower; we see in the background a wind tunnel and piping in all directions, it has five reels, three rows and allows the triggering of 15 bet lines. Bet from 1 to 10 levels and € 15 to € 150 per game.

During the game, there will also be a part of fantastic with the presence of a courageous character, equipped with a harpoon, whose mission will be to rescue the princess at the top of the tower and to save her from the clutches of a giant dragon. For this, you will have several symbols in the game, the most important will be the 2 wild, the small one allowing to replace the other symbols of the game, it will multiply the wins by 2 during the free spins, and the second is a Stacked Wild, it can at any time take the 3 rows of a roll to activate 10 free spins or more. It is during the free spins that the Left character will come into action, you will discover him hanging from his mechanical harpoon arm, and he will climb every time you fall on a winning pay line with the tower symbol. At the bottom of the game, you can see the level where you are; you will have to go to the 16th floor, in the center the number of free spins you have left and right down the multiplier associated with your winnings. Every time you set off the towers again, you will return to the level you had previously stopped, the princess will finally come in your arms to thank you.

This Victorian slot machine has a completely new function that is rarely found anywhere else; it allows an interesting kind of role play. A slot machine quite similar to Steamtown could be Holmes and the Stolen Stones by Yggdrasil, Sherlock Holmes is a character also from this era, the sound and artistic atmosphere are almost identical in the two slot machines.

Other Good Games Available on Steam

– “The Four Kings Casino and Slots” (2015) is the top of the multi-player 3D experience in the field of the casino. The most popular games are all present: Baccarat, Blackjack, Slot Machines, Poker, and the famous Roulette. Play with friends at all these activities, surpass yourself in the rankings to equip your avatar with rewards.

Score: 15/20

– “Governor of Poker 3” (2016) is also very good in its genre, it is a Poker game, but in a charming and colorful style. The global connection allows you to face thousands of players.

Score: 14/20

– “Full Tilt Poker” (2016) is a little off the mark compared to its two top competitors, its graphics and concept being much less attractive and entertaining. Every day you will have 5,000 free chips to Play Poker and Jackpot as well as multi-table tournaments. The experience is varied but less catchy.

Score: 07/20

– “Governor of Poker 2: Premium Edition” (2010) is strangely in the first place of our paid ranking, while its version #3 is also very well placed in the free ranking. There is also the same good recipe that makes “Governor of Poker 3” an excellent poker game this year.

Score: 18/20

– “Poker Night 2 “(2013) is the top paid poker game on Steam, we find at the controls the studio” Telltale Game ” which stages the stars of its licenses to play this popular card game. Find Claptrap (Borderlands 2), Brock Samson (The Venture Bros.), Ash (Army of Darkness) and Sam (Sam and Max series). Be the 5th player at this exceptional table and follow the real-time reactions of the characters. Very high level for a meager price.

Score: 17/20

– “IGT Slots Paradise Garden” (2014) promises the player powerful sensations worthy of the excitement of a real casino. This is a little exaggerated because even though the 15 slot machines are very varied, colorful and sound, the artistic direction is not very tasteful, also if the game as a whole does the job.

Score: 13/20

– “Pure hold’em” (2015) promises him to live a visual experience close to reality on six different card game tables. The graphics are beautiful, close to the photo-realism, but the atmosphere is very cold and can only please big fans of the genre.

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