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Tethered Game Review

Review “Tethered”: “Black & White” Lite

How it took both to make a game of God? The headphones have only been out for a few months, but the idea of taking one of the most popular genres of the game, and it makes this omnipotent being so convincing that I am surprised that secret magic has not been defeated. What is even more curious is that it was made for the first time on PlayStation 4 with PlayStation VR, rather than the usual house of classes on the computer.

As the first hit in this kind of Game, attachment is quite successful. It reflects some key features, such as resource collection, basic management, and successful prayer systems, but is not exempt from its failures.

In short, you are a guardian of the spirit, and the themes are Peeps, adorable little creatures, the eggs that come from the heavens above. On each of the 13 levels, you will need to increase spiritual energy in a certain amount of digging as your henchmen/subjects/ believers exploit resources, defeat enemies, and make prayers. As people work for you, you need to lose happy, making sure the food is stored properly, health is full, and everyone is busy. The lamp prayers with too long a look and you will jump off a rock. Seriously, they’ll get depressed and sleepwalking down the nearest cliff and down.

It is a dark turning point for what is different a bright and windy game. Looking down on Tethered’s floating worlds tied from above is pure pleasure in virtual reality. Leaning over to inspect small organisms, such as strains of wheat growing on farms or surrounded by recuperation as they slide down, is adorable. You can move around the island by teleporting between a handful of fixed positions, represented as clouds.

Out came the first number of the game. The movement of the Tethered’s is limited and often frustrating, especially during the night parties of the levels where the animals attack and quickly order the peeps to fight them. This is done by examining your unit by pressing and holding the Remember Button, and then “connecting” them to the enemy, looking at them and letting them go. So we do all the actions in the game.

Sometimes you want a particular Peep for a particular task, but from where you’re looking, you won’t be able to select the two. Move the camera to see that it should be as easy as using analog sticks to fly through the air, but anchored is not compatible with this type of movement. Instead, you need to find a cloud that will give you a better angle, which includes looking away from your goals and picking up the taste Rod once again.

It’s probably the most comfortable option, but the game doesn’t even use sticks, which are exasperating for people who don’t suffer from sim disease. Games like Kittypocalypse show that you can have an easy movement of the free flight camera.

This means that the level levels in Tethered, where you can see most of the world around you, is undoubtedly better than the multi-layer zones have been designed jumped to keep it moving. The game zig-zags at fun level, although the learning curve can also make some of the above levels a challenge. Learn and perfect all the game systems that extend beyond the already great tutorial, and I do not doubt that you will be able to improve the results on the high levels can be improved towards the end of the game.

It is proof of the excellent design. When you finally master all the Tethered’s mechanisms, including the assurance that all your Peeps do something at all times and regularly using items to Rep, circulate reservations and to open new areas, the game has a great flow. It is a difficult process, especially if you go for a series through Peep for happiness, use of elements and time, but learning to manage everything is a big part of the fun.

Improvements are less important for this system. At each level, several buildings are unlocked that can accelerate their employees, provide more mental energy, create more efficient collecting resources, and more. Each of these buildings can be improved, but it never had more than two or three throughout the campaign, and some of the special functions unnecessarily complicate things. Updating your Peeps is also necessary unless you are aiming for the best results. In the end, it was the only side of the game that I almost forgot I was playing.

However, the amount of microgestion required here can sometimes be phosphorus and is unsatisfactory. During the day cycles in connection, it is quite easy to keep people working. But at night, things get a little more complicated. As the obligation of SL enemies-like the attack, you have to assign the Peeps to go and fight them, and also fight what, of course, they face. The system doesn’t always work correctly.; you can send three Warriors to fight a group of monsters and then look back after a few seconds to find only one of them who are fighting, while the others are close to the first death.

Head-trace controls, which do not have the delicacy required in drag situations, are also working against these times. I often tried to take a look at her to help another in a fight, but against the wrong target, a small pile of resources sitting next to the battle, then watch them take those resources and go out with their friend.

This puts the Peep fight at risk of dying unnecessarily, and in the heat of battle, you can overlook some who have already beaten the monsters and are now on the other side of the map. If you leave them long enough, they’ll be depressed, which sounds like meaningless engineering. It seems strange to find a sharp one who has nothing to do, while you can dig the pile of stones next to him. From taking the blame for every action and punishing yourself for not realizing something, tied up can suddenly leave you with a mess in your hands when you thought everything was okay.

But, in a way, I realize that Tethered has these problems because it shows what secret magic is trying to achieve a full, fleshy video game. About seven hours away (each level lasts between 25-45 minutes) is more than most VR games, and their mechanisms are deeper, no matter how flawed.

Final Result: 7/10-Good

Although far from the record comes to taste, Tethered is a faster game than anything we’ve ever seen on VR. Although its islands are smaller and its games smaller than something like black and white, this is the first VR game that even resembles this kind of experience. Tethered is far from perfect, but it also represents something that a lot of amazing hardcore will cry after 45 minutes of Batman experiences, something that can stick its teeth into. For hardcore VR video games, it’s just a good start.

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